2012 Reading Challenge

As the New Year approaches, I prepare myself for another reading marathon!! ūüėÄ One hundred books (or more) in 2012. If I begin early enough, I’m quite certain I will be able to make it. (You could sign up here). Visit my Goodreads page too, as I will be keeping track of the books I read there as well.

So here I go!!


  1. Dead to the World¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  2. Dead as a Doornail¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  3. Secret Desires of a Gentleman¬†–¬†Laura Lee Gurhke;¬†January
  4. Definitely Dead¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  5. All Together Dead¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  6. From Dead to Worse¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  7. Dead and Gone¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  8. Dead in the Family¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  9. Dead Reckoning¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†January
  10. To Conquer Mr. Darcy¬†–¬†Abigail Reynolds;¬†January
  11. Siddartha¬†–¬†Hermann Hesse;¬†January
  12. His Last Duchess¬†–¬†Gabrielle Kimm;¬†February
  13. The Woman in White¬†–¬†Wilkie Collins;¬†February
  14. The Hunger Games¬†–¬†Suzanne Collins;¬†February
  15. A Thousand Splendid Suns¬†–¬†Khaled Hosseini;¬†February
  16. Water for Elephants¬†–¬†Sara Gruen;¬†February
  17. Casino Royale¬†–¬†Ian Fleming;¬†February
  18. Lady Chatterley’s Lover¬†–¬†D.H. Lawrence;¬†February
  19. The Third Circle¬†–¬†Amanda Quick;¬†March
  20. The Gamble¬†–¬†Joan Wolf;¬†March
  21. Austenland¬†–¬†Shannon Hale;¬†March
  22. Catching Fire¬†–¬†Suzanne Collins;¬†March
  23. Mockingjay¬†–¬†Suzanne Collins;¬†March
  24. The Squirrel Wife¬†–¬†Philippa Pearce;¬†March
  25. The Twelfth Enchantment¬†–¬†David Liss;¬†March
  26. Fifty Shades of Grey¬†–¬†E.L. James;¬†April
  27. Death Comes to Pemberley¬†–¬†P.D. James;¬†April
  28. Fifty Shades Darker¬†–¬†E.L. James;¬†April
  29. Fifty Shades Freed¬†–¬†E. L. James;¬†April
  30. Exit to Eden –¬†Anne Rice;¬†April
  31. Burning Lamp¬†–¬†Amanda Quick;¬†April
  32. The Painted Veil¬†–¬†W. Somerset Maugham;¬†May
  33. Quicksilver¬†–¬†Amanda Quick;¬†May
  34. Beastly Things¬†–¬†Donna Leon;¬†May
  35. Life, the Universe and Everything¬†–¬†Douglas Adams;¬†May
  36. Ripper¬†–¬†Amy Carol Reeves;¬†May
  37. The Overlook¬†–¬†Michael Connelly;¬†May
  38. Touch of a Rogue¬†–¬†Mia Marlowe;¬†June
  39. Angels Flight¬†–¬†Michael Connelly;¬†June
  40. The Black Ice¬†–¬†Michael Connelly;¬†June
  41. The Duel¬†–¬†Anton Chekov;¬†June
  42. Darkness Before Dawn¬†–¬†J. A. London;¬†June
  43. The Silent Governess¬†–¬†Julie Klassen;¬†June
  44. North & South¬†–¬†Elizabeth Gaskell;¬†July
  45. Beauty and the Beast¬†–¬†Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont;¬†July
  46. Girl in the Greenhouse¬†–¬†Julie Klassen;¬†July
  47. Second Sight¬†–¬†Amanda Quick;¬†July
  48. The Wedding Affair¬†–¬†Leigh Michaels;¬†July
  49. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls¬†–¬†Steve Hockensmith;¬†July
  50. The Luxe¬†–¬†Anna Godbersen;¬†July
  51. Dark Harvest¬†–¬†Lynda Hilburn;¬†August
  52. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish¬†–¬†Douglas Adams;¬†August
  53. Deadlocked¬†–¬†Charlaine Harris;¬†August
  54. Northanger Abbey¬†–¬†Jane Austen;¬†August
  55. Fahrenheit 451¬†–¬†Ray Bradbury;¬†August
  56. The Great Gatsby¬†–¬†F. Scott Fitzgerald;¬†August
  57. Eat, Pray, Love¬†–¬†Elizabeth Gilbert;¬†August
  58. Mr. Darcy’s Secret¬†–¬†Jane Odiwe;¬†September
  59. It’s In His Kiss¬†–¬†Julia Quinn;¬†September
  60. Me and Mr. Darcy¬†–¬†Alexandra Potter;¬†September
  61. Minx¬†–¬†Julia Quinn;¬†September
  62. The Rose of Winslow Street¬†–¬†Elizabeth Camden;¬†September
  63. Wicked Widow¬†–¬†Amanda Quick;¬†September
  64. The Lady of Bolton Hill¬†–¬†Elizabeth Camden;¬†September
  65. Mildred Pierce¬†–¬†James M. Cain;¬†September
  66. A Duke to Die For¬†–¬†Amelia Grey;¬†October
  67. The Greyfrair (Vampire Empire #1)¬†–¬†Clay and Susan Griffith;¬†October
  68. The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire #2)¬†–¬†Clay and Susan Griffith;¬†October
  69. Pride and Prejudice¬†–¬†Jane Austen;¬†October
  70. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You¬†–¬†Mathew Inman;¬†October
  71. 1Q84, Book 1¬†–¬†Haruki Murakami;¬†October
  72. 1Q84, Book 2¬†–¬†Haruki Murakami;¬†October
  73. The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire #3)¬†–¬†Clay and Susan Griffith;¬†October
  74. 1Q84, Book 3¬†–¬†Haruki Murakami;¬†November
  75. The Hobbit¬†–¬†J.R.R. Tolkien;¬†November
  76. After the Fall¬†–¬†Victoria Roberts;¬†December
  77. Lord Gray’s ListMaggie Robinson; December
  78. The Anatomist’s WifeAna Lee Huber; December
  79. Brighter Than the SunJulia Quinn; December
  80. The Dangerous DebutanteKasey Michaels; December

I have ended the year with a respectable 80 books, 20 short of my goal. I didn’t like a lot of the books I read and they were a varied bunch. 26,872 pages in a year, with an average of a books and a half a week. The rhythm has set in though I went several weeks without touching a book. I will be taking on another reading challenge next year; setting my goals a little lower this time so that I might add to my 4 and 5 starred books instead of the mediocre rating.

Books read in 2012


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