Money Matters

Money. It always comes down to it. The more you have the better your life will be. It’s not everything, but it is enough to keep you happy for a period of time. And then you go on to realize that there some things larger than those pieces of silver. What brought this topic on? Manchester United’s star player, Wayne Rooney’s little drama that unfolded a few weeks back.

Wazza said he wanted to leave. Ferguson admitted to being ‘shocked’. Rumors of a high fee transfer were ripe. A few silent days later  Rooney announced that he would be staying the United after signing a new 5-year deal because he was offered a pay raise he did a bit of soul searching and realized he would be happy to remain with his old club. I’m not judging because such situations did arise in Chelsea too, most famously (as I recall) with Frank Lampard’s commitment to the club. I’m not accusing. I’m just contemplating. I mean, it matters, doesn’t it? Whatever it is you want to do in this life, the money always matters!

It won’t make you whole/complete but it will make you happy.

Some famous actor said this once, I forget who (memory believes it was Michael Caine, but I’m not very sure). It’s just one of those things that stuck and I thought of it a lot as I grew up, realizing all the way how very close to the truth it was!

I’m sure everyone who has set foot on planet Earth had heard the idiom “money doesn’t grow on trees“. I have nothing against it but it does get annoying after a while, does it not? My philosophy about money, or matters concerning it, is more along the lines of “if you have it enjoy it!” Obviously you need to know how to control yourself, that goes without saying. I don’t exactly go around spending chunks of money frequently, but when I do go shopping (for anything – books, music, clothes, tech stuff, everyday things) I go all out. I will admit at this point that I’m one of those ‘brand name seekers’. Anything with a designer label on it I will buy without a thought. I realize, and have known for the longest period of time, that it isn’t a very good thing at all. But you have to realize that I don’t spend on unnecessary items! I do buy the things that I want more often than the ones that I need but I know when and where to exercise control!

My point really is you can go around saying that you’d rather save up for a rainy day, which is a good thing. Just don’t say that you would be happy without something you want. You know that you would jump in a moment of joy when you have that ‘something’ in your hands. Of course you may feel guilty later for having splurged, but my focus is more on that instant of satisfaction. We are only human, after all! You will feel happy. Money will make you feel like a king of the world because you can have pretty much anything you want! The pleasure may not persist, it will fade away. But you would know how amazing it could be! Brings to mind Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars’ song Billionaire.

Just don’t look down upon those who tell you that money matters. It isn’t everything for sure. It takes much more than just having them greens to establish yourself. Trust me, I know. Fulfillment in life comes from various sources. Part of it, most inevitably so, comes from money.


4 More Years

I’m blogging barely twenty minutes after Spain wins the FIFA World Cup 2010. 🙂

It wasn’t the best game of football, and definitely rather subdued for a final game, but Spain came off on the winning foot. I wouldn’t go outright and say they deserved to win, because the Netherlands had as many chances (though more unnecessarily more aggressive). Spain has been the better team through all their games after their defeat to the Swiss, but honestly, not the ‘best’ team. They’ve been worthy enough to win the cup only because of their defensive play after scoring a single goal (8 goals only and they’ve won the finals). The only real opposition they faced is… eh… they’d score in the last twenty minutes, then spend the remaining time defending that goal. That’s all. Which, I must admit, is a brilliant tactic.

It is to that tactic that my team – Germany – fell. I was disappointed like any supporter of Germany was. Four years, a young team, to play again for 3rd place? And losing to Spain, like we did two years ago, in the Euro ’08 finals? I almost cried. It’s for the love of the sport and the torture of watching your team lose. I cannot say it wasn’t self-inflicted, because the German team was young, inexperienced, and full of enthusiasm. It worked marvels against Australis, England and Argentina, alright against Ghana and Uruguay but wasn’t enough against Croatia and Spain. I had arguments, verbal ones, over the phone, in person, and via text messages, about the German performance. My friends believe that the Germans are simply efficient, that they’re programmed to play football and it’s not beautiful to watch. Anyone who’s seen them play would disagree. They do play beautifully. In perfect synchronization that proves their adeptness on the field. Which team doesn’t stick to their game plan? They become the field, and getting the ball into the net is what every team aims for. You have to be efficient to win. You can’t be bumbling on the pitch. The German counter-attack is impressive, their unselfish crossing/passing the ball seals their teamwork abilities. Every player contributes on the field. It is the way they play their game. I admired Jurgen Klinsmann’s work with them in the 2006 world cup, and I admire what Joachim Low has done too. Too bad neither of them saw their team to a first place finish, but I’m sure they are proud enough. This time around, I didn’t miss Ballack on the field so much 😛 But I have to now wait another four years to see them make it to the top. Again. I have faith that they will snatch the world cup. But for now the Euro will do 😛

I was wow-ed by the performances of many other players too.  Sneijder, Donovan, Forlan, Casillas (remains my current favorite goalkeeper) and Villa being some I can think of right now, and disappointed by others, Messi and half the English team. Of course, the German team’s performance I shall forever admire – Müller’s win of the Golden Boot and Young Player awards, Klose with 14 goals in 3 world cups (2nd most and tied), the team scoring 3 or more goals in 4 matches and a total of 16 goals in this world cup…

It’s been a wonderful month of games. Cheering for my team. Chelsea’s defense of their title begins in a month (fixtures) and I look forward to the excitement that brings with it.

For now, though, here’s to the German FIFA 2010 team – you do me proud! To the  goalkeepers – Manuel NEUER, Tim WIESE, Hans-Jörg BUTT, the defenders – Marcel JANSEN, Arne FRIEDRICH, Dennis AOGO, Serdar TASCI, Holger BADSTUBER, Phillip LAHM, Per MERTESACKER, Jerome BOATENG, the midfielders – Sami KHEDIRA, Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER, Mesut ÖZIL, Piotr TROCHOWSKI, Toni KROOS, Marko MARIN, and the strikers – Stefan KIESSLING, Lukas PODOLSKI, Miroslav KLOSE, Thomas MÜLLER, CACAU, Mario GOMEZ.

*Leaving for Atlanta in 3 days!! Home, home, home!!*

The Month of Balls

Football. I mean. 😛 The world cup, obviously. And pre-season talk of the Premier League.

GERMANY!! They’ve truly made my watching the FIFA ’10 enjoyable!! It’s really beautiful, the way they play. It puts in to perspective what ‘team effort’ actually means! Their unselfish passing and setting up of teammates for goals has made them a team worth winning the world cup. I love it! The disappointment of Ballack not playing *damn Boateng for that* is of no real consequence now that I have Mueller, Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Klose, Lahm, Oezil, Mertesacker, Boateng and the rest of the German football team to watch! Their 4-1 defeat of the aging (sorry to say, but true) English team, and the thrashing of Maradona’s Argentina (4-0) HA! I did feel for Messi and Tevez (a little bit, but not so much), but the German’s have always had my heart. I’d really love to see them lift the ‘cup of life’ this time around. Now they face the Spaniards who’ve made it through after some disappointing performances only because of David Villa *sigh*. An exciting semi-final match that will be! And hopefully (since these young guns of Germany are living up to their counter attacking and precise nature) Germany will face the Hollanders (who will surely beat Paraguay) in the finals next weekend!! I must mention the good performance of the US team. Donovan *sigh*. They did well enough, but I really think they have a long way to go before being up their with the greats of football. Call it insolence but I cannot bring myself to allow a country that calls the game ‘soccer’ to life the ‘football’ world cup. They’re good, I cannot contest that, but they need to be better to go all the way.

*I chose not to comment on the dismal performances of the so called favorites – Italy, France, Brazil and Argentina. Not that England did any better, but they did fall out to a better team.*

My other disappointment is Federer bowing out of the quarterfinals of the French Open (found it easy to accept that) AND the Wimbledon (that’s a major upset). He couldn’t put up a defense to either title and is now World No. 3 😦 😦 !! 😦 Very sad, but the football fever caught up with me so I haven’t even paid attention to his matches like I did last year. My only consolation for this year’s sporting events (so far) are Chelsea’s Premiership and FA Cup win, and the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory (the parade of which drew 2 million Chicagoans and I only caught a glimpse of). The possibility of Germany adding a world cup to it will keep me satiated.

Anyhow. A week and a half more weeks to the end of the summer semester, I can hardly wait for that – since I get to go home (Atlanta :P) and a trip to some of the east coast cities is on the table. And yes, my birthday 🙂 *24*

I’ve become all obsessed (yes, that wave crashed down again) with Eddie Izzard. I’ve watched his biopic and almost all of his shows – Sexie, Dress to Kill and Glorious being my favorites (not that the others aren’t any less appealing). He is one helluva handsome bloke! Absolutely gorgeous whether he’s in a dress with make up or jeans and a tuxedo! *Yes, he’s a transvestite 😛 somehow, strangely, makes him more appealing!*

Managed to squeeze in a short visit to the ‘Taste of Chicago‘ food festival happening in town, and WOW was it crowded!! It was worth standing in the hot sun and crowded stalls for two reasons – the food was good, and I got to see Rob Thomas. He was one of the performers at the ‘Taste’ and though I’m not a fan I did always like some of his songs, his own and with Matchbox 20. I think it was the same day I watched Jake Gyllenhall in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. He’s real good in it 🙂 *wink* and I also sincerely admire Mike Newell‘s direction.

I seem to be tweeting more often these days then before. Just my usual rants, day in and day out. So much so that my blog seems to be dying! But I vow not to ever let that happen! I cannot not have this blog, even if I find another outlet to this madness (= writing of my thoughts) of mine. I’m much too sentimental to hit the delete button on something that’s been a part of me for almost 4 years now. It’s got too much in it – memories, emotion… It’s a chronicle to me, of me and for me. But for now I return to my books and the balls 😛

Here’re a couple of my favorite stand-up bits by Eddie Izzard. The man is simply brilliant!!