Who writeth hier?

Hi there!

If you’re looking at this page then you’re either actually interested in knowing the person behind the writing or you’re just some random nosy busybody 😛 !

I write for my own pleasure, and this blog is more of an online diary than anything else. It generally has to do with me, my life and the people in it, other interesting things often find their way in. Most of my posts may be in (boring) detail, but know that all of it means something more to me – I pay attention to detail and I need to get it out of my system!

I am an avid reader, love the English language, learned German and used to write poetry (till I lost the rhyme in me). My idea of heaven is the Library of Congress (or any grand old large library for that matter) and dark chocolate. I thrive on metal music (and almost any sub-genre therein), instrumental (read orchestral/symphony) and classical – little else can I stand.

I love football and have been a steadfast fan of the German National Team and the Chelsea Football Club for as long as I can remember. I follow international games, the EPL and the UEFA Champions League with conviction. I also enjoy watching tennis – the likes of Federer (yes, I think he’s absolutely brilliant), Nadal (like him, but wouldn’t support him over Fed), and Roddick (for his sheer resilience). I did not mention names of footballers here because there are way too many that I love and admire and believe have mentioned them all repeatedly in my posts.

In other things – I believe in the existence of extra terrestrials (a childish obsession), and once thought that the Great Barrier Reef was a bright orange wall along the Australian coast line. I find the history of the world, individual countries and cultures intriguing. People and their behavior I read into. Animals and inanimate objects I have conversations with.

I do not like the icky sticky romantic movies, prefer serious ones with or without the dramatic undertones and would never watch a horror flick. I think British comedy is top notch (the sarcasm and satire really), like legal dramas, adore Mr. Darcy and Mr. Thornton (and several other fictional characters), and will watch pretty much any period drama/classical movie.

I also tend to write way too much. And drift.

Well, so… Thank you for stopping by and spending your precious time reading/glancing through my rant.


One thought on “Who writeth hier?

  1. Hey welcome to WP …

    As a welcome gift .. heres a quote from “Monk.. ” which i found very sensible/meaningful ..

    “Who looks outside, dreams ; who looks inside , awakens.”
    — Carl Jung

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