The Best Laid Plans of Knives and Men

Expressing gratitude ūüôā

The past two weeks have been rather single handed (pun very much intended!) with just the regular things happening and some very regular things fallen off the daily routine owing to this large cast I am wearing on my left hand. I’m making the best of it though, looking at the bright side of it all and discovering that even a self-confessed cynic/realist is capable of enjoying this little bump in the road.

Owing to the presence of some hefty bandaging on my hand, I am consigned to using one hand and a finger and have decided to resort to plainly listing out things that have happened and what I have learned, discovered or otherwise observed in the past week.

(I ought to mention that all medication/drugs/pills were administered by medical personnel and or or prescribed for me).

  • Everyone has had a ‘crazy’ accident¬†– The gasps of¬†sympathy and grimaces of revulsion¬†that have
    greeted me preceded wishes for my speedy recovery, minimal pain and several revelations of injuries, of lost digits of the hand, unmovable parts of claws and paws and the like. I only wondered why no one bothered getting all of it fixed.
  • Non-responsive limbs are very very unnerving –¬†The human body (and mind) are terribly complex and no matter how carefully you guard yourself and it, s&^! does happen. I, for one, would willingly do whatever is necessary to regain control of my body. It belongs to me.
  • Surgeons¬†are fantastic people – mine was, at least!¬†Calm and brilliant with a sense of humor. He allayed my shock and rising fears¬†with just a few words, treated me like a child and ultimately fixed me. I appreciated that he actually talked¬†to me, explaining not just the procedure but also gathering information and then relaying the situation, treatment and risks, in a very thoughtful manner. As a friend with medical experience would to one without.
  • Preparing oneself for surgery is stressful –¬†The thought of being in a dreamless drug induced sleep while people in scrubs operate on you is extremely disturbing. They were all names floating in my head – they were the ones that prepped me, poked things into me¬†and provided me with confidence that I was in good hands. I’d be alright.

    The pills
  • Drug induced euphoria is good while it lasts but horrible after – I don’t like it. The flashes of light, lethargy, hunger and, in my case, the pain. I wanted to be off pain killers – Vicodin – as soon as possible. I wouldn’t willingly do that again.
  • Post-surgery cravings are strange¬†– I hadn’t eaten for over 18 hours, not even a sip of water. However, food was farthest from my mind the morning after. I did hanker for a chunk of Hawaiian bread roll with vegetables. No idea why. I am attributing it to the medication.
  • More time during the day¬†–¬†Everything takes¬†twice as long, but I still seem to have more time for myself. Possibly because I am not running around as much, or biking, or swimming, or shopping ūüôā
  • Swimming really¬†is my addiction – Until my finger has begun to mend to a good extent I will need to stay out of the pool. 80 laps in 40 minutes, two and a half years, some 45 pounds lost and now a month’s hiatus ūüė¶
  • Everything seems closer and hence walkable – I can’t operate any type of vehicle for now and prefer to avoid public transport when I can for fear of hurting my injured hand. Chinatown (and bubble tea!) is only a 10 minute walk away from my apartment! I can explore the city during lunch break – the chocolate factory near my office, cafes, and food trucks.
  • Being able to keep your senses together¬†in dire situations helps – I smiled from the get go. Through the pain, the nervousness, the decision to be operated upon… All around me swore they would have broken down had they been in my shoes. Internally I was freaking out, hyperventilating when left alone urging myself not to collapse. It helped me get through it. Of course, I cried when I informed my parents, and whimpered in my drugged stupor when I desperately needed an emotional release. But that was it. My reasoning was only, “If I disintegrate now nothing will be accomplished.”
\m/ always!

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