Summer of Jeeves, Football & Human Sacrifice

John Hancock Center rising into a summer sky

I fell prey to the media hype surrounding The Game of Thrones last year, folded and bought the books (because it would have been immoral of me to watch a TV series before I read the written word!), finished the first four books in six or seven weeks during my commute, and kept the fifth unfinished for a year. Until I found out that the 4th season was coming to an end! It took me less than a week to finish reading A Dance with Dragons. Of course, in keeping with true George R. R. Martin style, I did gasp in wonder at the end of it. Piecing together the history of A Song of Ice and Fire is a chore in itself and I look forward to reading World of Ice and Fire, just to gather my bearings before book 6 arrives, hopefully in 2015!

Eddie Izzard’s Force Majeure

I have, in the mean time, been immersing myself in the world of Jeeves & Wooster, the TV series and the works of Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. He is my father’s favorite author, the style of writing and situational comedy of it possibly being the lure. One can never tire of Bertie Wooster’s exploits and the fact that it is Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry that brought them to life makes it even more enjoyable. The Anglophilia in my life continued as I (FINALLY) watched Mr. Eddie Izzard live at the Chicago Theatre! Just two weeks ago! His opening line was “Let’s talk about human sacrifice” and for the next two hours regaled the lot of us with fantastically intelligent and sensibly silly situations that make up the essence of his Force Majeure tour.

Biking to work

The Midwest lived through one of the coldest winters in a long time which saw the Great Lakes freeze over about 90% of the way, and the Chicago River also glaciate with the unrelenting onslaught of bitter cold. This, for the first time in very many years, had me yearning to see and feel the sun. I, who has claimed to despise solar heat, now find myself  wishing for warmer temperatures! The thought of wearing dresses and skirts and tops without the necessity for a jacket of any sort is appealing. I’ve been biking around the city when I can, overloading my shoe closet with wedges and open boots, pulling out cotton clothes and begging for an ounce of warmth so that I might immerse myself in Chicago’s summer while it lasts!

The summer of 2014 is obviously an exciting one for any football fan. The World Cup at Brasil! For someone who has watched and played football from a very young age, determining which teams to support at the club and national levels, it is very very bothersome to have people jump onto the fan bandwagon when during (i) the World Cup (ii) the Euro Cup (iii) when a team begins to win. It’s good sport and everything, to see thousands of people joining in the fun and celebrations. A common cause, if you will, to see one’s team through to the end. It’s an emotional 90 minutes; I remember crying when Chelsea lifted the Champions League trophy two years ago. But, if you are going to join the ‘true’ supporters, do not presume to know the sport better than them! I love gaining followers for my team, but if that’s going to happen only every 4 years, you’re not the one I want to watch a game with.

Anyway, I’ve been a steadfast follower of Der Mannschaft. There’s a certain charm in their way of playing football that enamored me from the early 90’s. Obviously, Jurgen Klinsmann’s influence on them also played a huge role in my rooting for the team. I do not claim allegiance to any one player, just the team. So, go Deutschland!

It hasn’t yet begun, summer in the Midwest, in Chicago, the city that transforms into a fantastic vibrant purveyor of a few warm months. I look forward to it!


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