10,000 Days and More

There aren’t very many people with whom I am acquainted that would be excited over something as trivial as their 10000th day of existence. When I reached it, I was. I celebrated with a performance of La Traviata at the Lyric Opera. That may sound pretentious but it is true. It still remains that I love the opera and classical music, even if it makes my friends call me posh.

IMG_091210000 days and counting, really. Let’s get back to that. Yes, everyone who is past 27 and a half years of age would have hit this milestone. I would not have remembered had I not had the sense to mark it on my calendar some years ago when I originally did the calculation. It also gave me a reason to write about some of the things that have happened to me in the past six months since I no longer have the urge to complete half-written and forgotten blog posts.

Since my last post, I’ve become even more involved in swimming. More than I ever envisioned myself being. I hit a lovely record of completing 50 laps or 100 lengths, in 50 minutes. Yes sir! It is feat enough for me. Almost two years since I re-discovered my love for the pool, chlorine allergies and all, and I’m still going strong. It’s just the feel and sound of the water against me. My mind revels in those moments of zen. I fell I am at absolute harmony with the water because it really is only the sound of my own breathing I am aware of. That and the splashes as I splice through the calm waters. Without my full conscious knowledge of the fact, I have shed nearly 40 pounds since I began! I shocked my mum, when she saw me last month, and my dad, just yesterday.

Apart from my several gadgetry acquisitions in the latter half of the year, which included two tablets – I’ve always wanted more than one OS!! – to satisfy the geek in me, several books and immersions into the German language – which I still find fascinating and largely interesting despite the very many rules and exceptions and formations – I received some rather ego-boosting news on the professional front.

My manager, now former, left me with an exceptional mid-year review. The highest rating that one can merit, actually. It was humbling as much as it was an attestation to my aspirations. While I’ve always known that I’d prefer to be on the managerial side of things in the long run, I never really thought it would show just two years into my career as a software engineer. I’m good at programming, I love code and the nuances that come with sitting in from of everything tedious about it. I still revel in it. But apparently I’m also very good at the other side of it, the processes and people part of any job. I was put into the position of making all those decisions only because no one else on my team seemed to want to take on that responsibility. Now, I’ve grown so much into it, that I hold ‘true 20131208_150255qualities to become a feature team lead‘. Yeah, it’s enough of an ego rub there. The humbling side of it for me is that fact that I did it all unknowingly. I was taken by surprise when I received the news. It just made me resolve to work harder towards it. It did nothing to change my attitude to the work I now do because I know that I still have time to make a lead. I need to stock up on experience and be more comfortable and accepting of people. I have that much more to learn because it’s a much tougher position to be in.

The end of another year approaches, marking my fifth winter in the mid-west and the cold chills of Chicago, a city that I have grown to love and call home. I have grown in my independence and strengthened my resolve and hold upon life. I have learned and lived through another year’s worth of trials and achievements, and while there are many things I would not want to face again, I know that I have become a better person because of all of them. Here’s to another 10000 and more!

Behold a few sights that did capture me so.

20131208_150303 20131214_142131-SNOW20131026_162431



2 thoughts on “10,000 Days and More

  1. Congratulations Sam! I am very happy for you, and not so surprised :).

    I see your life is very exciting, and I respect your love of swimming, especially because I could never reach an understanding of this sport. I grow bored to death way before the end of my tenth lap :P.

    I see you evolve year after year, in a good way indeed, because you know so well what is good and what isn’t for you. I hope to meet you again sooner rather than later, to meet the new Sam.
    Please, keep on posting on your blog, because even though you don’t like to post “half-written and forgotten blog posts”, I like to read them very much.

    Keep up the good life

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