The Wheel That Turns

One always wants and hopes for a great start to the New Year. While mine did seem to get off to a happy start, soon things seemed to grow their own neurons and think and do things that I’d rather have not had happen.

In the aftermath of a rather surprising move that left almost everyone at the office in a state of shock for three whole days as news and rumors seeped through glass walled meeting rooms to our ears, I have realized the importance of always being prepared. And having a backup plan. I cannot, and will not, go into details of what happened and why, but I can talk about the effect it had on me.

Just a week prior to all these things suddenly coming to light, I had a thought that the moment I question what I am doing is the moment to get out. To move on. To find where I belong, keeping with my general theme. I have had this job for a year and nine months now and am getting into the motion of things as I still try and figure out what aspect of technology I want to be working on. I love code. That’s a given. But what part of it? The part that people actually use. I want to create and see something I’ve done being used by others. I want to know what they think of it and learn from that experience. I think that excites me more than just a career. The learning. The constant need to keep oneself updated and discovering new ways of doing old things and creating brand new ones.

While I like a bit of a plan to be laid out for me (by me, of course) I never nail it down, because s&^! happens. What happened last week was just stark reality. It’s not that I don’t like what I do now. In fact, I love it. It’s the thought of a productive day that awakens me every morning. But I know that when the time comes to move on, I just have to do to. I have to face it whether it is at my discretion or someone else’s. I would rather that no one face certain things, especially a day before Valentine’s, but there is reality. Bang smack in the middle of everything. Life, it’s called. Such a bittersweet symphony.


2 thoughts on “The Wheel That Turns

    • Oh, just things that made me think of other things. Some people I knew lost their jobs recently and that got me wondering. But all is well now 🙂

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